Hello, I'm a Glass Explorer!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to become part of the Google Glass Explorer program.  As a "tech guy", I was very excited for the opportunity try out these new augmented reality glasses.

There are only a few complaints I have about Glass.  First, there aren't many applications available right now besides the ones Google provides.  I'm quickly working on fixing this problem, but if you pull Glass out of the box and start using it today then you shouldn't get your hopes up.  I've also let a few friends try Glass and those with actual glasses have had difficulty using Glass.  They end up taking their glasses off so they can see Glass but then can't see anything else.  It is my understanding that Google is actively working to get Glass working with prescription glasses so hopefully that will improve the Glass experience for those people.

Being a software engineer, I decided that while I couldn't solve the prescription glasses problem I could work to fix the lack of applications available for them.  One of the first things I wanted to do when I got my pair of Google Glasses is to actually write code for them.  Given my role as systems admin for certain projects, I decided to integrate our server monitoring service (shout-out to CopperEgg) with Glass so I could receive alerts right to my Glass instead of receiving them via email on my phone.  After a quick read through the CopperEgg API, I quickly added my custom URL as a push notification when any alert triggers.  Once I had my website set up to receive these notifications, I then had to actually do something with them.  Another quick read through the Google Mirror documentation and I identified the APIs made available to send cards (Google's fancy name a timeline item) directly to a person's Glass.  A few hours later (mostly spent banging my head against the keyboard as I tried to get Google's permission system to actually send Glass cards to my account) I finally had a working implementation.  Over the past few days I've tested the alerts and am very pleased with the notifications on Glass.

So where do we go from here?  I'm currently working on extending the CopperEgg monitoring to include some of the other metrics made available to us (like being able to cycle through all your server stats which update every XX minutes) and extending it for other notification platforms such as Rackspace.  I'm also working on a full-fledge piece of Glassware (Glass app) to make full use of Glass's accelerometers and other functionality.

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