Brian ProfileWho is Brian Thompson?  Described as a "whiz kid" he's just another guy out there who writes code, manages infrastructure, and leads teams of people to success.  Brian's currently serves as the Director of Web Engineering at Mindgrub Technologies in Baltimore where he overseas the web engineering team, a team that has doubled in size under his directorship.

Brian finds all aspects of technology interesting and frequently tinkers with new technology and programming languages including Go and Docker as well as tried and true languages such as PHP, NodeJS, and C#.  In his work he has built countless sites in Drupal, .NET, Javascript, and WordPress.  He also has helped coordinate various events focused around technology including Light City's Tech Playground.  His work spans from social video sites receiving millions of unique visitors daily to large eCommerce websites with custom integrations into ERP systems to crowdfunding platforms for TV benefit concerts.

Using leadership skills learned over the past 12+ years, Brian can turn any team into a high-performance team.  Brian subscribes to the 2 pizza rule (also referred to as the "8 is great" rule), Brian builds self-organizing teams and empowers them to do their very best without the need for micromanagement.

In his downtime Brian frequently goes camping and hiking where he disconnects from technology as much as possible.  He also is a frequent baker and is slowly amassing a fan club of sweet followers.